Bespoke Service

There are endless possibilities of carpet design for you to choose from and we are always open to new ideas. Whether it is a single piece for your home, or big quantity of carpet for a large-scale project, our Bespoke Service allows you to create your dream carpet in which you can show us your own idea or adapt an existing design from our extensive catalogue with your choice of colors and sizes. There are materials to choose from including acrylic, wool, or viscose, as well as a radiant range of colors.

Every bespoke carpet is a unique work of art, designed and created meticulously with gentle care. Our aim here is to provide clients with an enjoyable experience in designing, choosing color combinations, and materials for their hand tufted custom carpets, and bringing to life what once was just an idea. Let your imagination run wild!

Steps to customize Hand Tufted rugs:

  1. Discuss and design your idea

  2. Select your preferred colours and materials, whether it is acrylic, wool, or viscose

  3. Final design is agreed on

  4. A sample will be made

  5. If sample is approved, proceed to the production of the carpet which will take around 2 months time

  6. Once ready, the carpet will be delivered to your doorstep


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